Free Chilled Beam Generic Family

Our latest Revit content giveaway is a generic chilled beam family.

Revit raytrace

What is a chilled beam, you ask?

In case you’re one of the 99.99% of people out there who’ve never heard of a chilled beam, let me briefly introduce this obscure-but-mighty piece of mechanical equipment.

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Burn Baby Burn! New Generic Boiler Family

We recently completed a new generic family for a non-condensing fire-tube boiler. While non-condensing boilers are not as efficient as condensing ones, there are still plenty of them around for reasons such as legacy usage, lower cost and simpler maintenance.

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LOD and Revit Families: How to Avoid Running a Fool’s Errand

As a Revit user or BIM Manager, you’ve probably had people ask you about “LOD” or “Level of Development”. When it comes to Revit content, this usually translates to asking which LOD your families are designed to meet – 100, 200, 300? You might also be asked about creating different LOD versions of the same families, in order to swap them in and out of models for different stages of deliverables.

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